This washing machine used in winter should pay attention to several into the winter, the temperature dropped, the cold wind howling, compared to the spring and summer, now hand wash clothes became a very painful thing: thick and heavy clothes do not say, tap water Bing Bing cool, each hand washing clothes have to undergo a "chilly"! Therefore, the use of washing machines became more frequent in the winter. The summer clothing is relatively thin, cleaning up is very simple, even if hand washing is also very easy, winter clothes generally thick and heavy, the use of washing machine is the best way, but a bit of housework should pay attention to: washing machine can not fill more fully as possible. Each washing machine has a rated washing capacity, which refers to the maximum amount of washing machines, units are kilograms, but also represents the maximum washing capacity of the washing machine. Overstuff one will affect the normal operation of the washing machine for example, a nominal washing capacity of 7 kg of washing machine, said up to 7 kg washing clothes, it is 7 kg dry weight, or the weight of clothes together with water? In fact, it is not because of the type of clothing, fabric and the same degree of dirty, the number of kilograms of washing represents the washing machine in its structure can be set at the speed of the weight. If converted into dry weight, can be calculated by a simple formula: maximum dry weight of washing washing machine is rated washing capacity of × 0.8, washing machine nominal 7 kg washing capacity, it can actually up to 5.6 kg of dry clothes washing. The washing machine is not better than the capacity of the loading capacity of more than 23 so the problem has come, the total can not be called every time when washing clothes weigh, right? Here I teach you a simple method, that is, the total amount of laundry laundry washing machine is not more than 2/3. Too many clothes, washing machine runs sluggish, unable to fully stretch clothes washing, to wash clean, may even damage the motor overload; on the contrary, clothes too little, wash again is not worthwhile, so, put the appropriate clothing, both for the washing machine to maximize play effect. Good cleaning effect, and saving water. You have to understand, the winter water, some washing powder particles sink to the bottom, often "do not open" phenomenon, this is because the water temperature is too low, due to decreased solubility of detergent and washing powder, cold water activity will be substantially reduced, resulting in the decontamination effect is not good. Some friends by heating the water by means of washing powder will be open, it is a good idea, but I want to remind you that open washing powder do not use boiling water, boiling water because the water temperature is too high, will destroy the effective cleaning ingredients in laundry powder, such as enzyme activity, so try to use warm water to brew washing powder. Warm water brewing detergent washing clean effect is good and a little note, on the amount of washing powder (detergent), in general, detergent packaging back all dosage instructions can be added according to the prompt, you. If you are not allowed to control, in my opinion, rather less add some will not increase too much, it is likely to lead to excess detergent can not completely clean, residue in the clothing, threats.相关的主题文章: