The PLA women are like amphibious bawanghua on behalf of female and male soldiers contest – Sohu Military Channel enlisted in the first year, she with a flash report, the team’s influential man: not only all the subjects all the climbing downhill, rapid fire pistol and general obstacles also took the team first. The name of "amphibious overlord flower" is she hit it with her fist. In March 2013, she joined the other 8 female soldiers and participated in the free combat training organized by the brigade. At the end of the competition, she played as a female soldier and played against the men’s soldiers". To the stage of a station, where Junjie two cheeks bite iron boxing gloves, collisions, heroic. And she was against the men of the players, is full of superiority, although my posture, but conceal smile. Who knows, He Junjie used to pre emptive, feint, quick flashing to the left opponent body, a sharp right straight punch, solidly fell on the opponent on the face. This moment, the whole field stared, surprised to say no words. When the opponent reacted, he was angry and wanted to fight back, and the nosebleed had already come to the mouth. Whistle sounded. I saw his opponent turbinate, face embarrassment at He Junjie, stepped down, also to the sentence: "you are a male soldier wearing a wig!" Opponents said angry words, He Junjie listened but particularly useful, likened himself to men, even if it itself is another "tribute". At the beginning of last year, the Marine Corps in the Northeast snow and professional Blues showdown. This time, He Junjie was included in the assault team composed of men and women special combat elite. Before the battle, the temperature dropped lower and lower. He Junjie hasn’t seen the blues, almost lost her face and lips cold, cold pain, hair and eyelashes is covered with frost. Originally, for the sake of rapid leap and tactical action flexible, she in the assembly before secretly put cotton trousers off. The body was cold as if it had been blown by the wind, but a flame was burning in my heart. A fight broke out, she leaps down, light fire action agile like snow leopard mountain. Unexpectedly, just "wiped out" two blue army soldiers, guns were playing cards. Lie down and unload cartridges, pull bolt, the bullet back, pulled the trigger, and a card. Anxious occasion, looked up, He Junjie is a surprised, not far from a lone Blues soldiers rushing from defensive positions with the gun. The eye was red, and a daring thought flashed through her mind. Back up the rifle, lock the target, she goes fast frequency, rushed to a knee kick lock throat, instantly the blues soldiers knocked down in the ground…… Veterans will know that He Junjie is not only a battle with iron fighting style, with an iron hand to have. Chen Yi, the first-class soldier, won’t forget He Junjie’s hard drive on the helicopter in his first 800 meter jump. The cabin is whirring intrusion of wind, eyes roll clouds. As a monitor, the way He Junjie rousing cheer for his teammates, is under a death order: "Whoever step back, I just pushed her!" Jump!" Chen Yi, one eye closed, one step, two steps, legs, one head into the sea of clouds. Wait until the foot is real.

解放军女兵被赞两栖霸王花 代表女兵与男兵较量-搜狐军事频道  入伍第一年,她就凭一张闪光的成绩单,成了队里的风云人物:不仅所有课目全优,其中,攀登滑降、手枪速射、通用障碍还拿了全队第一。“两栖霸王花”的名号,就是她用拳头打出来的。   2013年3月,还是上等兵的她与其他8名女兵一起,参加了旅里组织的散打集训。结业时比武对阵,她作为女兵代表上场与男兵较量“火力”。   往台上一站,何俊杰两腮咬得铁紧,拳击手套一对撞,英气逼人。   与她对阵的男兵选手,显得优越感十足,虽摆开架势,却掩不住脸上的笑意。   谁知,何俊杰惯于先发制人,虚晃一下,快速闪动到对手身体左侧,一记凌厉的右直冲拳,结结实实落在对手面门上。   这一瞬间,全场都瞪大眼睛,惊讶得说不出话来。等对手反应过来,恼火着想要反击,鼻血已流到了嘴角。   哨声响起。只见对手捂着鼻甲,一脸窘相地看着何俊杰,下台时,还来了一句:“你就是个戴着假发的男兵!”   对手说的是气话,何俊杰听着却格外受用,把自己比作男兵,这本身就算是另一种“致敬”。   去年年初,海军陆战队在东北雪原与专业蓝军展开决战。这次,何俊杰被编入由男女特战精英组成的突击队。   决战前,气温一降再降。何俊杰还没见到蓝军,就差点败给了严寒,她的脸和嘴唇冻得生疼,头发和睫毛上满是寒霜。原来,为求快速跃进和战术动作灵活,她在集结前偷偷地把棉衣棉裤给脱了。   身上冷得像是被风吹透了,心里却燃着一团火焰。战斗一打响,轻装上阵的她跃进卧倒、瞄准射击,动作之敏捷像是雪豹下山。不料,刚“消灭”两名蓝军士兵,枪就卡弹了。卧倒、卸弹夹、拉枪机、退子弹,一扣扳机,又卡了一发。心急如焚之际,一抬头,何俊杰又是一惊,不远处一名落单的蓝军士兵端着枪从防御阵地冲过来。   眼一红,一个大胆的念头闪过她的脑海��近战格斗夺枪。背起步枪,锁定目标,她疾步快频,扑上去一个踹膝锁喉,瞬间将那名蓝军士兵撂倒在地……   老兵们都知道,何俊杰不光打仗时有铁的战斗作风,带起兵来也有铁的手腕。   上等兵陈怡?不会忘记,第一次800米跳伞时,何俊杰在直升机上的那股狠劲儿。   后舱是呼呼倒灌的风,眼前是翻滚的云海。身为班长,何俊杰为队友打气鼓劲的方式,就是下了一道死命令:“谁要是后退半步,我就直接把她推下去!”   “跳!”陈怡?眼一闭,一步、两步、收腿,一头扎向云海。   等到“脚踏实地”,心底泛起了对何俊杰的感激:“要不是班长逼一下,自己的潜力还不知从何说起。”   其实,无论是何俊杰自己训练时的“拼”,还是带兵时的“狠”,都源自她清醒的危机意识。她说:“战场上,子弹和敌人从不怜香惜玉。平时训练付出的努力,永远和打胜仗的几率成正比。”   心声   休言女子非英物   两栖霸王花的身份,决定着我们每天都在为打仗受训。只要上了战场,便只认实力,只拼胜负,不分男女。我们比谁都明白战争的残酷,深入敌后、侦察破袭,无不需要以命相搏。只要肯用心尽力,再难的课目、再恶劣的环境、再多的障碍,我们也能一一战胜。相关的主题文章: