Wonderful parents by 3 year old daughter possession Shenzhen Luohu customs – Shenzhen Channel – people.com.cn original title: wonderful parents with 3 year old daughter, parents should use the possession pass wonderful 3 year old daughter carried drug clearance. Luohu customs for Shenzhen in September 28th, Luohu customs has just informed with the biological mother to use their dissatisfaction with 15 year old daughter carrying simulation ammunition clearance profit case; September 29th Luohu customs again informed the wonderful pair of parents, even the 3 year old daughter carrying drug clearance, and the parents have a history of drug abuse or drug addicts". September 28th, a middle-aged couple pushing a baby car into the customs of Luohu, Hong Kong and Macao on the scene, there is a car looks like a child of about 3 years old. However, this is a family of three in a small package almost did not carry luggage what. This "unusual" caught the attention of the customs officers, so will the stop check. Responsible for checking the officers told reporters: "a family of three inbound and outbound travel, visiting relatives and friends is not shopping tourism, but what they have almost no luggage, so we first focus on the baby in the car." At first, the couple did not want to let the children down, said there is no need to check the special goods, but they "cidiwuyin" to make officers feel more suspicious. The fact that the officers do not leave, baby car is "tricky". Officers in the inspection found that the baby in the basket beneath the car with a red cold snowy moon cake bag in the hand is very heavy. Open a look inside the moon cake already "substitution", instead of the two bottles of "Orange Juice", but the color of the liquid is green, still smell a pungent odor. He immediately realized: "is not good, may be toxic!" In charge of the parties according to law at the same time, customs officers immediately use the rapid detection of plate drugs were detected, the results can determine the ice wall moon cake box "Orange Juice" is actually a "drug methadone", two bottles of a total of 2347.1 grams of weight. In the face of evidence, the parties to the child in an attempt to cover the drugs under false pretenses confessed, and confessed that he had a history of drug abuse. At present, the customs anti smuggling Department has been handling the case. (reporter Xu Jiaojiao correspondent Yuan Pingting) (commissioning editor Yuan Liyun and Wang Xing)相关的主题文章: