Xiamen two project won the national highest award a total of 24 award-winning projects recently, Chinese City Planning Association announced the 2015 annual National Award for outstanding urban planning and design list, "" beautiful Xiamen "strategic planning" and "Xiamen city" gauge "planning and project planning generation and management mechanism innovation research" for city planning the first prize. It is understood that the national urban and rural planning and Design Excellence Award is the highest award in the field of urban and rural planning and design. In this selection, a total of 24 projects in the city to get the first prize in urban planning, Xiamen will be back to the 2. "Beautiful Xiamen" strategic planning by the Xiamen Institute of urban planning and design completed. "Beautiful Xiamen" strategic planning in accordance with the implementation of the "beautiful China" strategy, combined with the transformation of Xiamen City, in accordance with the "five in one" through the thinking, in the analysis of Xiamen’s past and present on the basis of "beautiful Xiamen" development vision, goal and development strategy. The research on the project of "multi rules and one" planning and project generation and planning management mechanism innovation in Xiamen was completed by the Xiamen Institute of urban planning and design and the Guangzhou Institute of urban planning and design. The "multiple rules and regulations" initially solved the problem of spatial planning conflict, reconstructed the examination and approval process, improved the efficiency of the government, set up a platform for the overall development of urban and rural resources and environment. (reporter Wu Haikui)相关的主题文章: