Do you pay for the library?   intelligent reading service will be on the line in October 1st – Chongqing window – People’s network staff to show readers card. Reporter Lin Nan photo to the library to read, want to see the popular book is in short supply; go to the bookstore to buy books, long-term purchase and not too small. October 1st, Chongqing residents can no longer worry, Chongqing Bookstore cooperation of Chongqing library and Chongqing Xinhua Group Wisdom reading services on-line! Today (29) days, reporters from the experience of the conference, usually held by Chongqing public library card, can be found in the Monument for Liberation Chongqing bookstore book borrowing, "do you enjoy reading, I pay service. What is intelligent reading service? The first time free to borrow the book of wisdom reading service based on the Chongqing library, Chongqing bookstore "shop cooperation". In the past, every book in the library, have passed the professional interview personnel selection after cataloging, collection, to meet with readers, the cycle is relatively long, especially some of the popular books, there will be a shortage phenomenon; and the Xinhua Bookstore to provide readers with the book shelves faster, but are paid services, long-term purchasing cost is not a small expenditure. Is to choose a free but slow cycle of library services, or choose a shorter cycle but paid Xinhua Bookstore service? October 1st, the public will no longer be entangled. Chongqing library book borrowing center director Li Zhongxing said: "in the innovation of science and technology support, the reader can become the first line of the Chongqing library staff interview, selection of books bookstores in Chongqing, will be the first time the book borrow home." Intelligent reading service will achieve the "you read, I pay" commitment, 365 days a year, the public can enjoy the service every day. In addition to shortening the time for readers to wait for the new book shelves, the wisdom of the reader service needs of readers in the first place." Li Zhongxing, the past is what Tibet library books, readers can decide what book, service began from the wisdom of reading, readers can "decide what turn from a guest into a host, borrow books. At the same time, through the collection of library readers, the library will further study the reading habits and tendencies of the public, to promote the circulation of books, strengthen the relevance of the literature and other benefits. How to participate in the public? Chongqing Bookstore service terminal to help you fix first, you need to use a card reader. Li Zhongxing told reporters that readers only need to apply to the Chongqing library, you can get free. A reader card, you can swim the sea. Members of the public through the Chongqing library WeChat public, scan the new book bar code, you can know whether the book can borrow. Selected books through simple processing staff can borrow in the Monument for Liberation bookstore of Chongqing service terminal. After reading the book, the books returned to the Chongqing library. The books have been catalogued and classified into the library collection system, and once again, they are in circulation. The future, wisdom reading system will continue to mention in the layout, technology upgrade. "In terms of scale, Chongqing bookstore is just the first stop, wisdom reading service network built in the future, will be extended to the Xinhua Bookstore in the county, covering the city’s formation")相关的主题文章: