Zhang Qingwei research in Tangshan: innovation driven   accelerate the new kinetic energy – Hebei Channel – people.com.cn original title: Zhang Qingwei stressed vigorously implement the innovation driven accelerate old kinetic energy research in Tangshan in October 13th, Hebei governor Zhang Qingwei to conduct research in Tangshan City. He stressed that Tangshan City should further implement the general secretary Xi Jinping visited Tangshan’s important speech spirit, vigorously implement the innovation driven development strategy, leveraging Beijing and Tianjin talent and innovation elements, vigorously develop strategic emerging industries, accelerate the implementation of new energy conversion. Tangshan Jianhua industrial group to graphene research and development and promotion as an important development direction of the company, 100 tons of graphene production line put into operation in 2014. Zhang Qingwei came to Jianhua industrial group, entered the business hall, carefully inspect the product display, asked in detail about the product performance, development, application etc.. He said graphene material application prospects, great potential for development. To increase the R & D efforts of large stone products, based on technological breakthroughs, focusing on market demand, to promote a number of key scientific research incubation transformation, foster a complete industrial chain, as soon as possible to achieve the promotion of industrial applications. Subsequently, Zhang Qingwei came to the Tangshan Aerospace Science and Technology Park, on Wanyuan graphene storage project. The project by the Tangshan City Lubei District government is responsible for investment in civil engineering, China ENERGINE INTERNATIONAL (Group) company responsible for the equipment investment and operation management, graphene reservoir development, transformation and production of integrated battery industry base. Zhang Qingwei went into business exhibition and production workshop, while visiting side, and the person in charge of the enterprise, scientific research personnel exchanges, a detailed understanding of the graphene storage battery product advantages, production technology, market prospect and other relevant circumstances. Zhang Qingwei affirmed the project construction model, praised the development of Beijing, Tianjin and demonstration projects, the relevant departments of the province and Tangshan City to do a good job in the construction of the project to protect service. He said that Tangshan City in the implementation of good steel, coal production tasks at the same time, and actively introduce Beijing intelligence and innovation resources, cultivate new economic growth points, create new advantages in industrial competition, accelerate the new energy conversion, promoting the development of the industry towards the end. Provincial Standing Committee, Tangshan party secretary Jiao Yanlong participate in research. (reporter Bie Zhilei) (commissioning editor Chen Siwei and Chen Rujian)相关的主题文章: