Zhang Ruoyun took the "cupola fire" adventure overturned Daniel Wu said Beijing Beijing – Zhang Ruoyun Lam, condolences to the scene of ridicule Beijing November 2 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Xi) 1, "fire" criminal action blockbuster cupola was held in Beijing "wind fire" will meet the media and in the film screening. Director Ringo Lam and starring Zhang Ruoyun, Li Haitao, Bartle back, memories during the filming of "playing with fire" feeling. In the movie "fire" in the sky, the director Lam will once again show the hardcore style". On the meeting, claiming to be in the film "for everyone desperately to play" Li Haitao smiled and said: "all the people who saw the film told me that this role you played this hard, see who are playing, is really super villain! But I want to say, actually I did not kill anyone, OK?" Li Haitao Bartle "hurt each other" side of the Lam is cool to respond: "although the play I was shot, hit the hands is Li Haitao, of course if there are actors were injured and about him. I was watching from behind the monitor. But I do believe in them." Director of "none of my business" to Li Haitao Zhang Ruoyun and Bartle dumbfounding, then immediately up the knife, Zhang Ruoyun said: "brother in the play when the waves and we think," if you see Yun, I was very painful hit, so play is not painful, but even for us as it is very painful! "" Bartle "complaint" said: "it is my brother waves when the studio mascot ah, see I came to pinch my face, they have great strength and martial arts, do not seem to control power, the play being beaten, I was injured but ah." The "fire" directed by cupola, Lam director to maintain the previous play nice, playing the real "style, even in the shooting scenes at the new car Maserati worth 2 million pull to the scene really hit. Bartle, director of the film "playing with fire", so that all staff involved in the shooting of fear. Zhang Ruoyun said: "the first scene of the first day I entered the group shot, is being hunted in the van, I was in the car to open the door, the truck driving fast, large truck rampage, almost over, too! When the play was over, everyone rushed to see me. It was the first time I saw Daniel Wu, and the first thing he said to me was to shout at me in Beijing: ‘are you all right?’" Then Zhang Ruoyun slightly proud to fill a sentence: I am very glad to shoot the scene when I have a face toward the lens, proof of such a dangerous play is my own shot, no substitute!" Photo director Ringo Lam at humor: "Martha Lahti then you have no actor you ah, of course I will do anything to ensure the safety of the actor." He revealed that he has always been in the premise of ensuring the safety of actors to try to pursue the true and the ultimate scene, although the stunt is good, but the lack of a sense of reality. Only the actors shot, their state, the mood is the most in place." It is reported that the film "sky fire" will be held on November 25th at the national release. (end)相关的主题文章: