ZOOMLION announced the acquisition of U.S. construction machinery giant Teleikesi plan Xinhua (reporter Ding Wenjie) Changsha news in February 17th 17, ZOOMLION announced to elaborate the day before ZOOMLION’s acquisition of U.S. construction machinery giant Terex Corp this transaction. Announcement that ZOOMLION made a non binding offer of $30 per share in cash for the acquisition of the company, and the trading capital plan and relevant approval issues are described. ZOOMLION announced that on 4 December 2015, Terex Corp offered $30 per share in cash to acquire non binding offers for the company, compared with the previous day’s closing price quoted Teleikesi premium of $21.22 41%. The announcement also said that ZOOMLION good asset quality, plans to complete the transaction with 40% of its own funds and 60% of bank financing, and financing part has gained the support of the bank letter. ZOOMLION acknowledged in the announcement that the transaction will be subject to multiple laws and regulations review, but also confident that through the normal approval process. ZOOMLION chairman and CEO Zhan Chunxin said, as operators in the same industry, Zoomlion and Terex has long been known to each other, and Terex board communication has always been open and constructive. And for this former Finland crane manufacturer Berlusconi group has proposed to Terex merger plan, Zhan Chunxin said: "we believe that our acquisition of Teleikesi proposal on shareholder value and uncertainty is superior to the proposed transaction and Terex berlusconi." Terex is second only to Caterpillar America’s second largest construction machinery manufacturer, the main products are high-altitude platform, crane, material treatment equipment. The main products of ZOOMLION relates to construction machinery, environmental equipment, agricultural machinery market, mainly concentrated in China and emerging markets, the combined market will achieve global coverage. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

中联重科公布收购美国工程机械巨头特雷克斯计划   新华社长沙2月17日专电(记者丁文杰)17日,中联重科发布公告就日前中联重科收购美国工程机械巨头特雷克斯公司这一交易做出进一步说明。公告确认中联重科提出以每股30美元现金方式的非约束性报价收购该公司,并对此次交易的资金计划以及存在相关审批方面的问题进行了说明。   公告称,中联重科于2015年12月4日向特雷克斯公司提出以每股30美元现金方式收购该公司的非约束性报价,较报价前一日特雷克斯收盘价21.22美元溢价41%。公告同时称,中联重科资产质量良好,计划以40%的自有资金和60%的银行融资完成此次交易,且融资部分已经获得了银行的支持函。   中联重科在公告中承认此次交易将接受多重法律法规的审查,也有信心通过正常的审批程序。中联重科董事长兼CEO詹纯新表示,作为同一行业的经营者,中联和特雷克斯彼此熟知已久,和特雷克斯董事会的沟通一直以来都是开放性和建设性的。   而针对此前芬兰起重机制造商科尼集团已向特雷克斯提出合并计划,詹纯新表示:“我们认为我方对特雷克斯的收购提案,在对股东的价值和确定性方面都优于特雷克斯与科尼的拟议交易。”   特雷克斯是仅次于卡特彼勒的美国第二大工程机械制造商,其主要产品是高空作业平台、起重机、物料处理设备。中联重科的主要产品涉及建筑机械、环境装备、农业机械,市场主要集中在中国和新兴市场,合并后将实现市场的全球覆盖。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: